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Baan Hom Samunphrai

93/2a Moo 12

Tawangtan, Saraphi,

Chiang Mai 50140,


tel.  053-817-362

tel.  081.885.1429

          (Homprang direct)








Where We Are

Thai Herbal Medicine

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Christopher Woodman

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A local  NGO group involved in a serious exchange beside the pool. We
pride ourselves on the diversity of the people and interests we host.

Baan Hom Samunphrai is an ideal location for groups up to 20 who want to work with their own leaders or teachers--yogins, therapists, activists, traveling players, artisans of the body, mind or spirit--or if you just need a quiet, sympathetic space in which to pursue your group's special interests or issues. Although we are located in a rural area and are surrounded by beautiful countryside, we don't pretend to be a mountain retreat or jungle hermitage--we're just 9 kms from the centre of a bustling Asiatic city, after all. Of course we appeal to groups that work best in quiet, natural and harmonious surroundings, but our sort of people also know they need the complexities and, yes, ambiguities of real life to keep them whole. So if you choose us you will probably also want to explore the Night Bazaar, ride an elephant, or climb up through the jungle to visit Chiang Mai's holiest temple on Doi Suthep mountain. Still others may want to head out for an evening on the town complete with Thai jazz or Blue Grass, or, best of all, authentic luk thung, Thai Country Music!


Despite our simplicity, we are well-equipped to handle Confer-    We also welcome yoga, self-development, and special interest groups.
ences  for up to 20 persons--we provide wifi, 2 stationary com-      Here Kru Nym, a Thai master, leads a group of western as well as Thai
puters, printers, a power-point projector and a video camera.        students learning to play classical South East Asian instruments.

We offer simple wooden farmhouses, comfortable bedrooms with overhead fans, screened work spaces, and three delicious meals with tea, coffee, snacks and unstinting attention from our staff, all for from 1600 baht (+/-$37.00) per personday for a private single or double room with a shared toilet and shower. We have 3 rooms with private bathrooms attached for which we charge 100 baht ($3.00) extra per person per day.

Transportation, steam baths, and massages are not included, but we are very pleased to quote special package arrangements, and many groups include daily transportation to the city, steam baths and treatments in their budget. We can provide full seminar facilities for up to 20 at modular tables (see above) and can arrange just about any other type of work space for meeting together or doing things (see the musical group above, would there were more!). Wifi is free everywhere, and we can provide media support including a power-point projector and a video camera for an additional fee. We also provide computers with printers and copy facilities along with flip charts and white boards. Meals can be buffet, barbecued, served at the table, or even on mats, and serious eating is as great a pleasure as the limitless discussion. Half the dishes on our table are vegetarian, and we do our very best to accommodate special diets, even if you're a raw-food vegan!

In the following photos we are feeding a Taiwanese Group studying Hakomi in Mandarin, an informal group visiting from the Thai Ministry of Public Health, a group of professional students led by D'vorah Schwarzman from Portland, Oregon, and another by Maika Endo (hand raised) on the last night of her first 'Chiang Mai Wellness Pilgrimage.' In the last photo Homprang is preparing the table for a French group participating in Christian Barou's third 'Sjour de Bien Etre.'





        8 to10 persons.  Full Room & Board plus all our Staff & Facilities.

              Private room with shared bathroom -  Bt 1600 ($49.00) per person per day;

        10 to 16+ persons. Full Room & Board plus all our Staff & Facilities

              Private room with shared bathroom - Bt 1500 ($46.00) per person per day.

                                                                                                 Dollar rates are roughly Bt 32.60 baht = $1.00

We have a dorm with 5 beds for which we charge 100 baht less per person per day -- and five special rooms with private bathrooms for which we charge 100 baht more. All 3 of those rooms can accommodate 2 persons or a  couple.

Transportation, steam baths, and treatments are not included in our Group Rates. Please do discuss with us your requirements so that we can quote you special group prices for additional services.

All Group bookings must be accompanied by a 25%  non-refundable deposit 3 months before the Conference begins. The balance is due on arrival. Should your plans change we will be pleased to consider alternative dates if our schedule possibly permits.



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