The Baan Hom Samunphrai School, 60 hours, 9 days

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Restricted to 12 participants with a  60 Hour Testimonial awarded at the end.


Monday            Herbal Compresses: Identification, Gathering  and Preparation of Herbs for
                          steam baths and compresses. Application Techniques.

Tuesday          'Womblifting' and/or Abdominal Massage  with Clay Pot  - Day 1    Identification,
                          Gathering and Preparation of Herbs &  Hot Pots.

Wednesday    'Womblifting' and/or Abdominal Massage  with Clay Pot  - Day 2   Diagnosis &
                          Special Techniques. Male and female therapies including acupressure, manipulation
                          and massage.

Thursday         'Womblifting' and/or Abdominal Massage  - Day 3   Individual practice.

Friday              Hotbed Herbal Therapy: Preparation  & experiencing it (some students call it "grilling!").
                         Practice for those waiting or already grilled.

Saturday          A Day at a Local Traditional Medicine Clinic for Thais -  Wat Ton Heow. Practice.

Sunday                                 Day Off

Monday           Making Herbal Applications -The growing plant to the finished product in a jar: either
                        Tiger Balm, and/or Lip Balm, and/or Calamine Lotion, and/or a Special Relaxant Spray.

Tuesday         Thai Food as Natural Medicine - Day 1. Theory & Practice. Eating by Season. Miang Kam,
                         and/or Mango with Sticky Rice, and/or Thai salads. Includes a walk to the local earth market.

Wednesday    Thai Food as Natural Medicine - Day 2. Includes  learning to use traditional
                         tools: the machete, the hoe, the cleaver, the mortar and pestle, the charcoal pot etc. etc.
                         Coconuts. Jack Fruit etc.



7am Rasidaton (Thai Yoga) (optional)

8am to 9am Breakfast

9am to 12.00 Workshop Activities

12.00 to 1.00pm Lunch

1.00pm to 4.00pm Workshop Activities

5.30pm Herbal Steambaths


Each day will consist partly of discussion, and partly of examining the plants as they grow in the Baan Hom Samunphrai environs and/or at local markets. There will be some plants that we may discuss that will not be growing or at the local earth market because they will be out of season, and there will be a number of Thai herbal plant books to supplement the discussions.  Students are encouraged to bring their own plant books as well, as such a course is very much a collaboration between the teacher and the student.


Live-in students: 2200 baht per day. Includes the Rasidaton, teaching. materials, a private room, 3 meals a day, herbal steam baths, and transportation. Total (9 study days x 2200 + 1 day off x 1000) = 20,800.00 baht.

Non-live-in students: 1600 baht per day. Includes the Rasidaton, breakfast,  teaching, materials, lunch, herbal steam baths, and transportation for class activities. Does NOT include transportation to the school in the morning or the return in the afternoon.. Total: 9 x 1600 = 14,400 baht Total.

Students may join for individual days if there is room -- full-time students will be given priority. Non-live-in students may also join for dinner at 7pm for the reduced price of 150 baht each.