35 hrs, 5 days at The  Baan Hom Samunphrai School


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5 days. Restricted to 12 participants.


Monday            Herbal Compresses: Identification, Gathering  and Preparation of Herbs for
                          steam baths and compresses. Application Techniques.

Tuesday          'Womblifting' and/or Abdominal Massage  with Clay Pot  - Day 1    Identification,
                          Gathering and Preparation of Herbs &  Hot Pots.

Wednesday    'Womblifting' and/or Abdominal Massage  with Clay Pot  - Day 2   Diagnosis &
                          Special Techniques. Male and female therapies including acupressure, manipulation
                          and massage.

Thursday         'Womblifting' and/or Abdominal Massage  - Day 3   Individual practice.

Friday              Hotbed Herbal Therapy: Preparation  & experiencing it (some students call it "grilling!").
                         Additional practice for those waiting or already finished.


7am Rasidaton (Thai Yoga) (optional)

8am to 9am Breakfast

9am to 12.00 Workshop Activities

12.00 to 1.00pm Lunch

1.00pm to 4.00pm Workshop Activities

5.00pm Herbal Steambaths


Live-in students: 2200 baht per day. Includes the Rasidaton, teaching. materials, a private room, 3 meals a day, herbal steam baths, and transportation. Total (5 study days x 2200 = 11,000.00 baht.)

Non-live-in students: 1600 baht per day. Includes the Rasidaton, breakfast,  teaching, materials, lunch, herbal steam baths, and transportation for class activities. Does NOT include  transportation to the school in the morning or the return in the afternoon. Total: 5 x 1600 = 8,000 baht.

Students may join for individual days if there is room -- full-time students will be given priority. Non-live-in students are welcome to stay for dinner at 7pm for 150 baht extra (special rate).